Ivan Medovikov

Department of Economics
Brock University

List of Courses Taught

Intermediate Econometrics Brock University Undergraduate
Applied Research Methods Brock University Undergraduate, Graduate
Introductory Econometrics Brock University Undergraduate
International Finance Western University Undergraduate

Python Examples

Jupyter Binder containing multiple python examples used in ECON 4F10 (Applied Research Methods).

MATLAB Examples

Estimation of Censored Linear Regression Model (M-File)

Simple Linear Regression in MATLAB (M-File | Data )

Regression Diagnostic Testing in MATLAB (M-File | Data )

Econometrics Resources for Students

Current students: please note that majority of course material is not publically-available and should be accessed through my.brocku.ca portal.

Intermediate Econometrics: Course Review Notes

Quick Reference: Using the Logit Model

Quick Reference: Single Hypothesis Testing Using the t-Test

Introduction to Regression Analysis

Applied Time Series: Trends and Forecasting (Full talk)

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